Air signs - calm and reasonable

Air signs - calm and reasonable

The air signs – Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini, are persistent, calm, and reasonable. They are ready to give up love in order to achieve the set goals in the workplace. They do not allow emotions to interfere with what they do and are often described as “cold creatures”. They are terribly persistent and usually achieve what they want. They have a strong charge of energy.

Air signs are the thinkers of the zodiac. They like to think about the possible and the impossible in every situation.

Rarely do air signs suffer from loneliness. They like to have long conversations, do not bother to talk, and complete strangers. They like to plan their every action and are not spontaneous in their decisions.

You can count on these people, but always keep in mind – they will always do things to their advantage. Be especially careful when talking about business.

The twins have clear thoughts and perfect thinking. They adapt easily to any changes. The element of air is most pronounced in Libra – they are calm, cold, and do not allow emotions to interfere with their work. Aquarius, on the other hand, carefully plans his every move.

Air signs are best understood with fire signs. They also feel comfortable in the company of earth signs.

Positive traits of the air signs

The representatives of the air signs are idealists by nature. They often dream and draw the present and the future according to their personal views, which often diverge from reality.

They are called the thinkers of the zodiac because in every situation they look for all points of view. Once they find them, they think about them well, think about the positive and the negative, about possible problems, and so on. There is no aspect that the aerial signs ignore.

Air signs like to communicate. They can talk to anyone as long as they like it. Suitable professions for them are advertising and journalism. They communicate very well with children, which makes them wonderful educators and teachers.

They love adventures and new and unusual experiences. Unusual for other ways of entertainment are favorites of air signs.

Negative traits of the air signs

The biggest disadvantage of air signs is that they sometimes “fly in the clouds”. Their point of view on almost every problem is so idealized that it has nothing to do with reality.

Representatives of the air signs are impractical. They do not make the best financial decisions, which is why they often run out of money and seek support from their loved ones.

Sometimes the representatives of the air signs are difficult to understand. That’s why they don’t have many people around them. They are often distracted and do not finish what they start.

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