Earth signs - responsible, practical and grounded

Earth signs - responsible,  practical and grounded

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the three signs of the zodiac, whose element is Earth. See how the element affects the qualities of these zodiac signs, what are their positive and negative features.

The element Earth very accurately describes the representatives of these three zodiac signs. They are firmly on the ground. In their daily lives, they are practical, they think soberly and logically and they can always be relied on. The Earth element adds to their stability.

Positive traits of the earth signs

Earth signs are the creators of the zodiac. They are the support of every family, they move the key things in the workplace, they are favorites in their circle of friends. They are all that is constant and we are used to seeing.

The representatives of the earth signs are responsible. Both written and unwritten laws apply to them. Morality, as they understand it, comes first. They can always be relied on, as long as you don’t ask them for something that is against their understanding.

If they set a goal, they go for it. They do not take risks, they do not deviate from the path they have drawn. Follow the principle that in the final destination, not the trip.

Negative traits of the earth signs

Among the negative features of the earth signs are their excessive attachment to the material. At times, their materialism is expressed in greed and stinginess.

Earth signs are conservative. They do not tolerate changes and most often they try to avoid them at all costs. Every change makes them nervous and makes them impatient and hot-tempered. They are too careful. They do not take risks, even if they are well weighed. This is often a reason to miss good opportunities for yourself.

Often the representatives of the earth signs follow the logic and ignore the emotional side of a question. So often, albeit unknowingly, they hurt the people around them.

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