Scorpio Zodiac Sign Personality

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Personality
Scorpio Zodiac Sign Personality - Man scorpio zodiac sign Scorpio Zodiac Sign Personality scorpio
Scorpio Zodiac Sign Personality – Man
If you are in love with Scorpio and you are afraid of the word passion, it is best to put on your sneakers and run as if King Kong itself has chased you. This is the situation. It’s not just about romantic passion, though it’s the first place. I mean all sorts of passions: politics, work, friendship, religion, food, relatives, children, clothes, life, death, and whatever else.
If you are afraid of the emotional element, you do not need Scorpio. Better run without turning back. But once you have read my words and you have just met a man who is in charge of Pluto, you will think that I am not with all of you.
You have seen such a calm and balanced man. How is it possible for this person who is impeccable to be passionate or dangerous passionate?
How? He just fools you with his seeming calmness.
In fact, the passions in his soul are hot to white
Do you remember the stove you threw at three years when it’s so curious to touch the forbidden thing? Watch this man, you can be scared. Outside it looks calm but inside forests. Do not touch it. You know how slowly burned the burned. Was it so? Your hand was hurt for weeks after your childhood misconduct. And your present heart will suffer months and years – there is no ointment for such a scorching. My grandmother said:
“An instant caution saves years of treatment.”
This applies to the stove and to the Scorpios. First, realize with whom and where you go. If, thanks to your zodiacal sign you are donated to asbestos, fireproof nature, there is no danger to you. You will be able to master the fire and then he will warm your heart all the time.
But if you also look at the world passionately, then it all depends on the heat degrees.
Your passion should have an automatic rheostat to cool off when your Scorpio overheats.
In this case, you can be relaxed. Let’s assume you’re safe. But the girls who are at risk should run as far as possible. One day they will marry a trusted man from the Libra or Cancer sign and will be grateful for the warning. And for you, who have decided that you can connect your destiny with Scorpio, let us try to guess what lies behind the hypnotic, piercing pluton eyes.
It is already clear that you are not indifferent to them. The scorpion has made you believe he is serene and optimistic or vice versa – that he is vicious and passionate. (Again).
The point is that he is neither the only one nor the other. I would rather say that he combines all that. But we will not get anywhere. Let’s start over again. Perhaps this man is invincible. Under the cool appearance of his equilibrium lies a huge boiler of passions that boil and boil. You can get lucky and the boiler lid all the time to stay clogged, but it may not be good for you, and in a moment this lid will come out if you make the wrong move. It’s just exciting to watch the boiling passions. But you better stay away so you do not get scared. And be careful not to direct them to yourself.
The character of Scorpio combines passion and reason.
Scorpio Zodiac Sign Personality – Man
The intellect and the feelings guide him. He is undoubtedly intelligent, but that’s not all. He is a superior creature, endowed with a philosophical attitude, to penetrate into the secrets of being. Some Scorpions are capable of leading Spartan life in an empty room – they give up all the comforts in the name of a vague aesthetic idea, for example, but the true nature of this zodiac sign is directed at the sensual in the surrounding world. The scorpion generally loves the plush.
Rich food, opiates, alcohol and … love. Above all profound love. These are his weaknesses.
It’s in his blood, as they say. A love story can never scare him, puzzled, or surprised. He has been striving for her since he has driven a bicycle, a moment – a trot. No wonder you encounter a Scorpio that does not look like a treacherous seducer and looks like an innocent, kind and inexperienced charmer. Do not think that the tales of the plutonic men’s passion are greatly exaggerated. Your Scorpio can be freckled and have a locker in which it keeps its children’s clothes and a collection of badges. But ask his wife, “Tell me, dear Eddie, who is your husband? Is he passionate?” She can offend your question and cut you off, but rather, it will bite ambiguously. And as he struggles to keep his laugh he will tell you how angry and passionate he has pleaded against air pollution, how he has resented having stolen his dog, tell you about his angry statements against drugs, long hair and birth control pills will tell you about how many nights he … yes, yes, and his nights. And be sure she does not lie to you, though her husband may look like Huckleberry Finn and does not remind King Kong.
This man’s stingy temper can leave you a trail of life.
When a Scorpio launches his deadly tail, he dips his sting. His goal is not only to achieve victory but to keep it. When he has to lose, even at retail, something in his soul dies. And now it may seem strange to you, but the Scorpio man is usually magnanimous. Neither disappointment nor any other feeling can change his stone face.
He does not show his romantic aspirations, all his reactions are impeccable. If he finds a reason to divert a connection, he will be anxious, although his soul can burn at the moment.
The Scorpio man is capable of cruelly torturing his victim before grabbing her for the braid and dragging her into his lovely jungle.
Naturally, there are also those who fall to their knees when they make their offer – usually, they are among those born in November. Their benevolent behavior should not mislead you. Do not forget that Scorpio is keen to keep his dignity at all costs. That’s why you have to have a perfect reputation. He does not allow it to laugh and does not tolerate blatant behavior, despite its erotic nature. Scorpions can experience monstrous horror of sin, or, driven by curiosity, they can also penetrate into the darkest corners of the human mystery. Sometimes these two mutually exclusive points of view mingle, and then comes hypocrisy or self-deception – remember the story of Rains Somerset Mom.
Scorpions are not interested in foreign opinion
they have unshakable principles, and they always follow them. A Scorpio always cares to respect him, but above all holds on to his passionate ideas and goals in the name of which he is willing to send the gossip to hell. If he has taken an important decision, neither friends, relatives, and neighbors, nor enemies can make him hesitate. This also applies to you, and by the way – you would also not let it down. But that does not mean I advise you to run. Can a person who so independently and confidently pursue his goal, who has a willing spirit and does not like to be guided by foreign whims, can not be attractive? Do honesty, courage, and integrity deserve admiration? These qualities may not have a particularly high price in today’s market, but if you smash them from the dust and reveal their glitter, they can get an enormously high price. And a very profitable deal can be made.
Watching Scorpio in trouble is a real experience. Unlike the others who usually whimper, rumble and surrender, he calls all armor and strength to all armor. He does not like to be self-pity, does not like to envy others, and does not think everyone is debtors. It saves time this way. Instead of frowning and falling into anger, he meets the challenges with proud heads.
Will he overcome them? In any case! It is so arranged.
In one case, you can get scared and you have to have some courage. It is known that the Scorpio loves the mysteries and that any mystery that has appeared in its path is being explored to the end. It is also known that the well-known female mystery is the strongest weapon and protection of every girl. When he understands your secret, you may feel as if you are naked. Remember: begins to study you with your hot eyes and question you with your inquisitive questions, your secret is already doomed.
Scorpio has high criteria and does not tie friends just like that. His friends must meet his requirements. He is a truly amazing, non-standard person. He could sit in a drunken company and, together with the others, throw out foolish jokes from the Elizabethan age, then overcome this dark, unrecognized nature and become a sophisticated lover like Robert Browning. What else can a woman want from a male being? I do not even think of it. Humility and leniency? Discretion and caution? You are not fair. You have not realized from the beginning that these qualities are lacking.
For unexplained reasons, sometimes he may be cruel and sadistically wise to describe you to his friends as a striking fat man. Such are his jokes. No matter how concerned you are, smile. You know now that the Scorpio is trying to conceal its motives and even love is powerless to stop this aspiration. Rather, it can strengthen it. He never reveals his true feelings like a pupil in love. Be patient, staying alone will tell you what he really thinks. You have already got some security after the job has been put to marriage, but if you have a plutonic joke before you hit the ring, it will distress you to such an extent that you will hardly notice his humor. But do not rush in this case. There is no point in telling him that he is going to throw you off a bridge because of his rough recklessness and insulting contempt. The Scorpio man will answer:
“Well, go ahead, what are you waiting for?”
Surely it will take a long while to get used to his manners, but in the end, you will turn around. It will often hurt you if you are very sensitive. Avoid asking him what he thinks about your new dress or haircut unless you are ready to experience the heart of his heartless assessment. But at least you will know that his approval is sincere, not false and backed by deceptive flattery. It is preferable to take some honest and sobriety, “You look terrible,” and to enjoy the episodic but sincere “You know, you are really beautiful” than to be content with dietary and dubious exclamations such as “Yes, dear, lovely, sweetheart,” or “Mmm, you are the beauty of yourself, a dove” that you can hear from other men. I think I’m right.
Still, you decide, you have chosen to live with Scorpio. If work has gotten jealous, you have to be very, very cautious. It can erupt like Vesuvius, if by chance, because of a dust in the eye, you wink at a man. If you give him a good cause of doubt, then you are really a very brave woman. As for your own jealousy, better put it in your suitcase and turn the key. And to flood him with his angry tears, and to blame him, it is meaningless. Whatever he treats you, you have only one way out – to say, “He loves me and can not give up his love because of some your sexual embarrassment. In fact, he is faithful to his deep connection, and in this case he only tries his glamor. “Repeat it all the time. Especially at bedtime. Your rivals find it irresistibly attractive, but you know very well that if there is one who is able to withstand flattery and seduction, it is only the Scorpio. Are you better now? It should be because I tell you the truth. In all likelihood, he will be a strict father. If the children think it lazy or lazy. He will teach them to respect themselves and what they have. With Scorpio’s father, children could not create false ideas about values. This father will love them deeply and sincerely,
but he will not be nonsense.
They will receive his support when they need it, but they will quickly realize that he would like to cope with the difficulties themselves. It is possible that if they ask him to borrow money, he will set them interest, but that will be for their good. In life he may be misunderstood because of his own whim, but after his death they will surely remember his lesson. The children of many Scorpions protest against the strict discipline and their strong attitude towards them, especially at an earlier age, but as they grow up, they realize they have succeeded precisely because of his strong hand. There is no other father to give his children more lessons about the truths of life. Sometimes they will find it kind and funny, but they will always remember who is the master in the house. He will joke with them, will allow them many things, but the limit of the allowed will always be very well outlined and they will know that they should not be disturbed. They may not accept his powerful methods but secretly admire his mastery and try to emulate him, though sometimes it will be very difficult for them to swallow his raw attitude. A sensitive child can experience stress and close himself in fear of his anger. Then you, the mother, will have to remind the father that sometimes goodness and tenderness give better results than cold-blooded dictatorship. But you have to find the most tactile and respectful words.
A Scorpio can not allow it to be imposed, especially women.
No way! He is the man, and you – the woman, and if you forget it, you will have to regret it. His lesson will not be late. But when he realizes that his wife really understands it, the Scorpio is attentive, gentle and compassionate. He then repents with love that other women have just heard and dreamed about. If the spark between you sparks and he wishes you, your resistance is redundant. It will hypnotize you that any prudent arguments will evaporate smoke. You will feel his magnetism with his senses. He seems to be able to move you without physical contact. It is possible to experience a surprise and feel that it ignites you if you are too sensitive. If you have the will and patience, you will feel the coolness of the marble. Only a brave woman can fly with the Eagle without hitting the rocks. He is able to rise upward from his character, the star Antar from the constellation Scorpio, and then descend steeply down to his earthly passions. Hold tight to him, open your eyes wide, and you will see horizons that are inaccessible to the eyes of the cowardly. Look up there, to those tall trees. You have hardly seen such a sunrise in your life. And the sunset will also be wonderful.


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