Water Signs - sensitive, sentimental and hardworking

Water Signs - sensitive, sentimental and hardworking

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the three signs of the zodiac, whose element is Water. See what is the influence of the element Water, as well as what are the common positive and negative features of the water signs.

Water perfectly describes the representatives of the zodiac who are under the power of this element. They are alive like water and are people whose character is what is seen on the surface, but also what remains below. You cannot understand a representative of the water zodiac signs without getting to know him in depth.

They follow the beaten path but are not afraid to pave their own path. Just as nothing can stop water, so water signs cannot be tamed.

Water signs are a little more closed and uncommunicative at times, but sensitive and with a rich soul.

Positive traits of the water signs

The representatives of the water signs are very intuitive. Their sixth sense works, and the more it helps them sometimes, the more it bothers them other times. Water zodiac signs often trust their intuition and are more likely to base their decisions on it than on logic and facts.

Water signs are very compassionate. They do not remain indifferent to the suffering of others and try to help. You can turn to them for emotional support.

The representatives of the water signs are very hardworking. We can even call them workaholics. They have a clear vision of what they want to do, how they want to develop professionally and their every action is for this purpose.

Negative traits of the water signs

Among the negative features of water signs are that they often change their moods.

When they decide to control, they can show themselves to be very powerful and not allow the person next to them to have a personal opinion. Worst of all, they may not realize it.

A negative feature of most representatives of the water zodiac signs is that they often live in something like their fictional world. Don’t take this literally, rather keep in mind that they see reality differently. They tend to idealize it or vice versa. Sometimes, when you talk to a representative of the water signs, it may seem that what he says is illogical. And that is probably illogical. But in his head, in fact, everything is meaningful and orderly.

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