Zodiac Signs in Bed

Zodiac Signs in Bed

How the different zodiac signs behave in bed. Here are the men and women in bed according to the zodiac sign.

People of any sign of the Zodiac can establish a relationship if they have enough patience and wisdom to be calm about the ” strangeness” of the partner, respect his point of view, and – provided that this is mutual – then they will certainly be happy together.


The key to his sexual behavior is impulsiveness. If you want to give an Aries sexual pleasure, you have to use your imagination and forget the barriers. His temperament seeks pleasure in trying the shocking and the forbidden. He: Confident and ambitious – a man who radiates masculinity from every pore of his skin. He usually takes what he wants. He knows how to kiss and have sex more often than anyone else – quickly and passionately. He likes to be dominant in bed.

She: The way to win her is by being firm and boldly welcoming her aggression. In sex, she gives herself completely because she is addicted to it. The Aries woman approaches her own pleasures in a healthy way.


Taurus zodiac sign in bed loves things slowly and lightly, so control your demands and do not try to force the moment. Sensuality, lust, passion – the three passwords you need to know before you go to it. He: He likes to enjoy sex for hours. Give him time to subdue you and you will not regret it. Love play with him increases arousal, as with any of the other zodiac signs.

She: She loves flirting. She does it unconsciously, so others often consider her frivolous. The Taurus woman is a demanding mistress. You will find it when you get it or when she takes you to her bed. It will leave you breathless.


Gemini likes to play a dual role – one makes love and the other observes, one participates and the other accompanies. He is more attracted to the idea than the act itself, not so much the pleasure of sex as the possibility of masturbation.

He: Sex with him is never boring. In bed, he is fast and challenging, hates foreplay and steps in essence. His experiments give him maximum pleasure.

She: She rarely dedicates herself to just one man and can use sex as a weapon to fulfill her desires. She always likes to do two things at once. The foreplay will combine kissing with stimulation of other erogenous zones.


Hopeless romantics – caring, sensitive, cute and fun. They prefer their partners to be dominant in sex. He: For him, a woman is the source of life. He has the necessary sensitivity and sensations characteristic of perfect lovers. The deep kiss is their specialty. They often idealize the woman next to them.

She: Any man who conquers her as a mistress will do his best to marry her to make sure he doesn’t lose this treasure. She never takes the first step. She must be encouraged until her erotic imagination is freed from restraint.


For him, sex is as important as food and water. He likes to be dominant in bed. He: He is the king, so he is looking for a real queen: a strong, confident woman. A wild creature to tame in bed. He is moved when the woman is in a helpless position.

She: She is always in the spotlight and is the most dazzling lady in the company. She likes to manipulate her husband or lover in the bedroom. She is not a woman you can take home and easily become a housewife.


They are attracted to anyone who has charm, grace. They insist on the exceptional cleanliness of their partner. They usually have nice lips and know how to kiss well.

He: Virgo zodiac sign in bed, knows how to stimulate his partner’s whole body to give her pleasure. He prefers his beloved to be a little more restrained and experienced because his greatest pleasure is to ignite passions.

She: She often puts limits on what gives her pleasure. It can turn a kiss into an erotic experience, almost equal to the act itself. Do with her what you want, except what she considers abnormal, grotesque or animal.


After removing all the stars from the sky, the creative Libra will take you to bed so imperceptibly that in the morning after that you will wonder if it was a dream or a reality.

He: Sensitive gentleman, passionate, and dedicated. He expects his lady to suggest something unusual. The perfect combination: a pinch of black pepper and gentle moans during sex. He does not like to be bored, he is looking for a variety in sex.

She: The Libra woman does not like impersonal men. To attract her attention, you must use a non-standard approach, this always gives an advantage over the competition. Looking for innovation in sex.


Scorpio boasts an active erotic imagination. There are no barriers for him. He likes to be the leader in sex. He needs sex as much as he needs the air he breathes.

He: He started having sex very early, so by the age of 30 he had become a virtuoso. His main mission in bed is to deliver maximum pleasure to his partner.

She: It will exhaust you, but it will never bore you. Sexy and dominant in bed, she wants more and more all night. She is very jealous, so always keep one thing in mind.


Can not boast of much emotionality. On the other hand, he enchants his loved ones with tried and tested tricks: a love verse on the pillow, a huge bouquet sent by courier… For him, sex is possible anywhere and anytime.

He: This graduate macho is looking for a hot Amazon in his bed. Challenge him until he capitulates and waves the white flag. During intercourse, he likes his partner to offer some resistance at first.

She: She likes to flirt and be the center of attention at all costs. However, this woman is only interested in her own sexual gratification.


Representatives of this zodiac sign can seduce like no other. Their erotic potential is great, but they rarely enslave their libido. One-night stands are not a challenge for Capricorns.

He: Capricorn zodiac sign in bed can be easily seduced by the combination of spirit, temperament, and sophistication. He likes to conquer his chosen one many times, so the “easy” women have no chance with him.

She: Outwardly they are reserved and modest, but otherwise, they are capable of very strong passions and feelings. At first, they seem rather shy, but that’s only until you get to know them better.


Aquarius has the ability to celebrate St. Valentine every day. Sex? Best every night – that’s how they prove their love. Try to reach their sexual fantasies and you will not regret it!

He: If you read an ad in the newspaper: “I’m looking for a sexy and strong woman”, you can be sure that its author is an Aquarius man. The born researcher is looking for an interesting and unique experience in bed.

She: She hates being forced into bed and treated only as a sexual object. However, if you manage to tempt her, keep in mind that she requires not only sex, but also a spiritual connection. Don’t just look for it for a superficial flirtation.


Sensual, intuitive and emotional, Pisces make love with his whole being. They often change partners, but if they find love, they remain faithful to the end. They are ready for any experiments. They are honest and expect the same from their partners.

He: Passive in sex, prefers his partner to be the active party. He is ready for anything to deliver maximum pleasure to his partner. He likes his girlfriend to appear in the bedroom dressed in erotic lingerie.

She: Extremely artistic and feminine, she wants to be seduced every night. For her, sex is not just a merger, but art that must be mastered to perfection.

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